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The world we see and the world we don't are separated by an unquantifiable force. Join me on a journey to worlds beyond our wildest dreams.
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Survival Diaries The World You Think You Know Ralph K Jones

Survival Diaries: The World You Think You Know

“I hear the gunshot, see the body fall, but I don’t look away. A lot of the others do, some even start throwing up, but not me. I look at the screen and feel nothing but hatred for the killer, and for the ugly bastard looking down on us all.”

In a dystopian future, Australia has become a militant country. Canberra is entirely ruled under the thumb of the Illuminates and focuses entirely on creating a population of sheep out of its people. Few remember life before Transition Day, and fewer still care. There’s no art, no music, no joy. Just a rigid order and structure, its people terrified to speak a wrong thought out loud less the Peacekeepers hear. Life becomes a blend of day after day of surviving the Australian desert heat and keeping hydrated. Surviving. But there is hope. Rebels live out in the outback, working to overthrow the current government and save the people. It’s a wild dream with the odds stacked against them, but it’s a dream they’ll put their heart and soul into and bleed out for. Told from multiple viewpoints on all sides, Survival Diaries follows the conflict as it unfolds and explores the way structured regime and living in an active conflict changes the psyche of a country’s people. Who will you root for?

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Love Dystopian Novels? Ralph K Jones draws inspiration from all around him to bring you tales, to both entertain you and act as a warning.

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“Hate looks like everybody else until it smiles”

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