Short Story Collections

Unforsaken Originals Gravitational Momentum—Unforsaken Originals: You’ve followed along on countless retellings stemming from ancient sources; it is finally time for some Unforsaken Originals. Ralph K. Jones draws from real-world observations to tell some folk tales ... Read more
Unforsaken Morality  Ethical Displacement—Unforsaken Morality: The study of ethics has been a part of our lives since the dawn of human civilization. Ethical Displacementexplores ten very social-ethical problems through science fiction. These problems are ones ... Read more
Unforsaken Choices Quantum Dilemmas—Unforsaken Choices: Humans tend to see things in terms of right and wrong, good and bad. However, the shades of grey in between these choices are just as colourful. Each of the ... Read more
The Dawn of a New Era “That’s good,” he replied. “That means you’re still human enough, I think. I’ve been doing black-suit work for, well, an undisclosed amount of time, and I’ve seen and done ... Read more
The Dark Side of the Moon “Humanity needs you. Such a grand statement, and so vague and non-committal.” Rory is just one of countless crews of people working on the dangerous mines of Titan, deep ... Read more
A New War is About to Begin. For Union space, the galaxy is a pretty good place to be—especially when they’re at the top. Stretched out across the galaxy, and pretty much-monopolizing trade and technology, ... Read more
The World You Think You Know Transition Day has come and gone. Life will never be the same again. Every decision weighs heavily on humankind. From this point forward, freedom will come at a high ... Read more
Unforsaken Chinese Ancients Fundamental Matter – Unforsaken Chinese Ancients. Ancient Chinese fables have entertained audiences for centuries; the stories of strong warriors, fearless souls, and people who seem to have come from nothing triumph over ... Read more
Unforsaken PanchatantraQuantum Attraction – Unforsaken Panchatantra: Stories have been used to relay warnings, advice, lessons and morals since the dawn of humanity. Quantum Attraction has drawn inspiration from the oldest collection of fables known to man: The ... Read more