Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1930 -1940

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1930 -1940

20th Century Dystopia Literature 1930 – 1940

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1930 -1940 – With the war in the rearview mirror, motor cars, booze and parties what could possibly go wrong. This article explores Dystopian Literature between 1930 and 1940, with growing print technology and better access for authors we see some of the finest work of all time, this includes one of my personal favourites Brave New World. With all the changes happening and the end of an era, it’s no surprise writers were producing material that still holds weight today. I often feel that our political elite have used some of these books that were supposed to be warnings, more as roadmaps, scary stuff.

Book Title: The Foundation Pit

Author: Andrei Platonov

Published: 1930

Publisher: Pushkin House (Russia), NYRB (United States)

Language: Russian

Pages: 150

Good reads rating:  3.75/5

About: The Foundation Pit is a semi-humorous novel and desolate representative. The specialists burrow every day except gradually stopping to comprehend the importance of their work. The gathering’s administrator unobtrusively moves up to go for a stroll outside. The majority of the specialists meet Nastya.

Book Title:  Brave New World 

Author: Aldous Huxley

Published: 1932

Publisher: Chatto & Windus

Language: English

Pages: 311

Good reads rating:  3.98/5

About: Brave New World is a decent dystopian novel. Lenina Crowne, an incubator specialist, is a mainstream and explicitly alluring, however, Bernard Marx, a therapist, is not. He is shorter in stature than the normal individual is from his high position, which gives him a feeling of inadequacy.

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Book Title:  It Can’t Happen Here

Author: Sinclair Lewis

Published: October 21, 1935

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran and Company

Language: English

Pages: 458

Good reads rating:  3.76/5

About: This novel depicts the ascent of Berzelius “Buzz” Win dribble, a fanatic who is chosen President of the United States. One of his first goes about, as president is to take out the impact of the United States Congress, which gets under the skin of numerous natives just as the administrators themselves.

Book Title:  War with the Newts

Author: Karel Čapek

Published: 1936

Publisher: Fr. Borový, Prague

Language: Czech

Pages: 240

Good reads rating:  4.17/5

About: War with the Newts is a fiction novel. It concerns the revelation in the Pacific of an ocean staying race, an insightful type of newts, who are at first subjugated and abused. The book does not have any single hero but rather takes a gander at the advancement of the Newts from a wide societal viewpoint.

Book Title:  Swastika Night 

Author: Murray Constantine

Published: 1937

Publisher: Victor Gollancz Ltd

Language: English

Pages: 287

Good reads rating:  3.64/5

About: This novel is a substitute history where the Nazis won World War II, however at the season of its composition, the war had not broken out, and it was a work of theoretical. Alfred comes to Germany on a sacred journey to see the heavenly destinations of Hitlerism, the religion in this Nazi-commanded world.

Book Title:  Anthem 

Author: Ayn Rand

Published: 1938

Publisher: Cassell

Language: English

Pages: 105

Good reads rating:  3.63/5

About: Uniformity, a 21-year-elderly person composing by candlelight in a passage under the earth, recounts to a mind-blowing account up to that point. While cleaning a street at the edge of the City, Equality meets Liberty 5-3000, a 17-year-old Peasant young woman who works in the fields.

Book Title:  Invitation to a Beheading

Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Published: 1872

Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons

Language: Russian

Pages: 246

Good reads rating:  3.91/5

About: Nabokov intruded on his work on The Gift to compose Invitation to a Beheading, depicting the formation of the primary draft as “one fortnight of magnificent fervour and continued motivation. Unfit to mix in and become some portion of his general surroundings.

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