Ulterior Culpability

The Dawn of a New Era

“That’s good,” he replied. “That means you’re still human enough, I think. I’ve been doing black-suit work for, well, an undisclosed amount of time, and I’ve seen and done some shit. If you get scared of it, it can mean you’re not ready. Or, it can mean you’re perfect for the job…”

Ralph K Jones – Ulterior Culpability

Davey is content in his routine. He drives a lime-green compact car into work every day, keeps it as far from the compound as he can, and ends up with a car that is uninhabitable thanks to the blaring Texas heat well into nightfall. His job’s a bit mundane, but it’s safe. And Davey likes safe since the world Davey lives in isn’t quite up that bit of normalcy. Not with the heat, not with cancer running rampant…

That is, until Davey finds himself the first unwitting and entirely unwilling contact to a previously unknown alien culture. It shocks him to his core. It ruins his routine and sends his life into a spiralling freefall—he just doesn’t know that yet. As his colleges work on establishing stronger contact with these Revered, Davey finds himself growing more and more anxious of the doors that are about to be opened. But no one listens to Davey’s fears, not when the aliens help them find a cure for cancer, for new ways of energy… they might not even listen to Davey even after they start downloading new information from these Revered directly into the minds of willing participants… and only Davey seems to notice things aren’t quite what they seem…

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