Volume 2 – Thorium Half-Life

Thorium Half-Life Volume 2:

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Science and fantasy come together in beautiful, blended harmony in Thorium Half-Life. These eight magical and mystical tales are filled with even more exciting characters and scenarios beaming to you from the stars and beyond. Storytelling is at the core of our humanity, and relishing in these tales will help us remember where we came from, and where we are heading. The future of planet Earth depends on us, and the choices that we make today, and every day. Let these tales be your guide as you strive to contribute to the human race in your own fantastic way.

Tales Included – Volume Two Thorium Half-Life

  1. The Whisper Campaign
  2. The strategists.
  3. The cost of defending what you believe in
  4. Those who could keep going
  5. The hidden gem
  6. To be broken
  7. Far from Home
  8. The necessity of design
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