Volume 1 – Thorium Half-Life

Thorium Half-Life Volume 1:

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Thorium Half-Life – Unforsaken Arabian Knights. This four-volume collection finds its origins in the Arabian Nights folktales. These ancient stories purportedly began as a woman’s attempt to prevent her boorish husband from bringing her harm, but their relevance far surpasses their ancient time and place. As readers have come to expect, Ralph K. Jones preserves the fundamental core of these tales while infusing them with futuristic twists and turns. Quick, easy, and full of adventure, there is a story for any time of the day. Make no judgements, have no preconceptions, come with an open mind and let the stories guide your imagination to a place beyond the stars.

Tales Included – VolumeOne Thorium Half-Life

  1. What was once one became five
  2. Detachment
  3. The Trip below
  4. The real world below
  5. The truth outside.
  6. The illegal truth
  7. The Lost Room.
  8. Those who moved last
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