Thorium Half-Life By Ralph k Jones

Thorium Half-Life – Unforsaken Arabian Knights:

Thorium Half-Life is a short 4 volume series that’s found its origins in the Arabian Nights folk tales. As you will have come to expect with Ralph K Jones adventures, they are entirely retold with modern and futuristic twists and turn while paying homage to stories original purpose and message. The fundamental core remains the same, but the delivery, that’s were the future is, and Ralph delivers stories like no other, you will laugh, cry, cringe and keep coming back from more, science fiction offers us all the ability to challenge so-called reality.

Next time you have a thought, stop and think about what that thought trying to tell you, understand where that thought coming from. We are at the age of technological bombardment, companies advertising revenues aimed at turning us all into mindless consumers laid bare. Thorium Half-Life only promise is to give you stories that add some value to your day; it’s time to take power back, control your own thought and own awareness, drop into this world far into the future and grow your mind.  

With an excellent mixture of the best short stories Ralph has to offer Thorium Half-Life is sure to be a delightful series to enjoy, quick, easy and filled with adventure, there is a story for any time of the day. Make no judgements, have no preconceptions, come with an open mind and let the stories guide your imagination to a place beyond the stars.

As we walk through the world distractions are everywhere, it’s up to you to stay focused and make this life your own experience, don’t do what is expected of you, do what is righteous. Your story is now, and with Ralph’s unique and wonderful adventures available for you to enjoy, come along and enjoy this one in a lifetime ride.

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