Volume 7 – Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement Volume 7:

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Every single day we are bombarded with new rules, new things to worry and ridiculous new targets. Performance indicators and other equally meaningless managements speak in a way that detracts from our very nature. Ask yourself as you march aimlessly into the wilderness, do I know where I am going? If you find yourself unsure, it may be time for a new journey. It is time to take charge. Like the captain of a ship, it is ultimately up to you to decide where your destination is. Choose your own path. It is out there, waiting for you to take the first step.

Tales Included – Volume Seven Quantum Entanglement

  1. Lockout operation
  2. The hidden Alien
  3. The lost secrets of our makers
  4. Not from around here
  5. A world not their own
  6. There is always a catch
  7. The lost ones
  8. The recreation
  9. The thief from elsewhere
  10. The Find


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