Volume 5 – Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement Volume 5:

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Through the words and age-old lessons of some of life’s most beloved tales, you can gain a new perspective about your life and your standing in the world. The earliest humans have told fairy tales, sharing them since the dawn of time. This reality demonstrates powerful commonalities across cultures and throughout the ages. A shared human experience if you will, Quantum Entanglement explores ancient tales that have the potential to connect us all. Already deep into the collection, Volume Five will draw you in even deeper. Let these stories take you away and bring you closer to the whole of humankind.

Tales Included – Volume Five Quantum Entanglement

  1. Adesperate refuge
  2. The well of a new mind
  3. The grasp of ultimate power
  4. Outdated
  5. Those who came later
  6. The fire that awaits those who come
  7. Those among us
  8. Atough planet to crack
  9. A new set of eyes
  10. Ball of fire through the ice

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