Volume 2 – Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement Volume 2:

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Welcome to your journey through the stars. As you delve further into the realm of Quantum Entanglement, you may find that your sense of adventure is beginning to awaken—or, perhaps, reawaken. Volume two features ten astonishing stories full of sci-fi thrills. Travel through time and space as you experience exciting worlds full of aliens and other life forms. As you read these tales, you might find that the moral quandaries of extraterrestrial life forms are more human than you ever could have imagined. Cast aside your preconceived notions and free your mind; you never know what you might discover.

Tales Included – Volume Two Quantum Entanglement

  1. Den of Aliens.
  2. Corrupting World
  3. Industrious Android
  4. Unlikely Guide
  5. The Last Line
  6. Common Grounds Between Worlds
  7. Man Who Bested the Machines
  8. Stakes of the Race
  9. Box That Need Not Be Opened
  10. Calculations in Haste
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