Quantum Entanglement By Ralph k Jones

Quantum Entanglement – Unforsaken Grimm:

The earliest humans have told fairy tales, around since the dawn of time and demonstrate commonalities across cultures throughout the ages. A shared human experience if you will, Quantum Entanglement explores ancient tales taking inspiration from the earliest works of Grimm Brothers and creating adventure fit for the 21st century. Make no mistake Ralph K Jones tales are unique, each an adventure into themselves, prepare to experience a full range of emotions as you come down the rabbit hole, suspend disbelief and enjoy.

Quantum Entanglement shows its strength through the rich tapestry woven togetherwith interwoven yet stand-alone narrative’s. Each of the 21 volume’s gives 10 short futuristic adventures, taking you through a range of experiences as you go deeper in the next generation of fairy tales. Scavengers, spaceships, deadly aliens the worlds created will sweep you away into the multiverse of infinite possibilities and may even give you pause for thought.

Daily we are bombarded with new rules, new things to worry and ridiculous new targets,  performance indicators or other equally meaningless management speak that detract from our very nature. Ask yourself as you march aimlessly into the wilderness, so I know where I am going?   Quantum Entanglement offers you adventure and gripping journeys into uncharted territory, allowing excellent science fiction to flourish while exploring the very fabric of the human experience.

All the so-called evolution and enlightenment, people are still people, come on this journey with Ralph K Jones and experience adventures in your mind that can and will impact the way you see the world, one life, one chance, one experience, challenge yourself today, take charge of your destiny. Through the words and age-old lessons of some of life’s most beloved tales, you can gain a new perspective about your life and your standing in the world.

Quantum Entanglement offers insightful retellings that draw parallels between history, our current world, and possible future worlds.

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