Quantum Dilemmas

Quantum Dilemmas—Unforsaken Choices: Humans tend to see things in terms of right and wrong, good and bad. However, the shades of grey in between these choices are just as colourful. Each of the nine stories in Quantum Dilemmas nine stories each presents a dilemma which forces the characters to make tough choices. Their choices are not necessarily the ones you would have made. The beauty of these dilemmas is you can explore what you would do faced in that same situation and reason out for and against the tough choices made by the characters. Ultimately what you do with your life is your choice. Navigating between right and wrong is an individual journey; society tries to own it, but it cannot. Your feelings, thoughts and moral compasses are your own.

Tale Included – Quantum Dilemmas

  1. The Nomads
  2. Them or Us.
  3. Four Uses
  4. Those Who Lived.
  5. What Had to Be Done.
  6. Two Teams.
  7. Learning Overnight.
  8. The Weapon of thy Enemy.
  9. The Price of Saving One.
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