Quantum Dilemmas By Ralph K Jones

Quantum Dilemmas – Unforsaken Choices

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The choices we make are ultimately what make the people we are, good, bad and ugly, does not matter they are all just choices. What matters is how you feel about yourself afterwards, and what you do about that feeling. Quantum Dilemmas does not get hung up on right or wrong, good or bad,  Ralph’s beautifully articulated stories look through a sci-fi lens and choices all humans shared, or individuals must make to a greater or lesser degree. Ultimately what you do is your choice, it’s your conscience, and only you must live with the decisions made.

Quantum Dilemmas nine stories each present a dilemma, and the characters have to make choices based on their situation. The characters will make tough choices, and they are not necessarily the decisions you would have made. The beauty of the dilemmas is you can explore what you would do faced in that same situation and reason out for and against the tough choices made by the characters.

Humans tend to see right and wrong, good and bad. However, the shades of grey in-between these choices are metaphorically just as colourful. For example, next time you say I would never do that! Stop and think about the ramifications of what you are saying, and given any situation is possible then you may one-day regret saying never. To completely rule something out is to close your mind to an option, and with a closed mind, you are not able to evaluate all the variables.

Ralph K Jones makes absolutely no apologies for presenting very significant dilemmas and making the tough calls, but not necessarily the right ones. Right and wrong is an individual journey, society tries to own it, but it cannot for your feelings, thoughts and moral compasses are your own, Quantum Dilemmas will provide you food for thought and dinner party debates that could go long into the night. Grab your copy now and join the debate, remember no right, no wrong only do or do not.

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