Volume 9 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 9:

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Stories, tales, and memories are all we have. They help you quiet your mind, block out the noise, and discover what is real. Quantum Awakening cuts through the nonsense of the modern world to recenter your thoughts and revive your imagination. Go back to the basics with ancient tales that are perpetually retold and forever relevant to our world. Volume 9 offers you twelve unique adventures, each with its own compelling message. These stories are your invitation to an exciting adventure; come along on this journey, and open your mind to the infinite possibilities along the way.

Tales included – Volume Nine Quantum Awakening

  1. Fighting Pirates and the Scavenger Ship
  2. Vessel and the Ore
  3. Ambitious Scientist
  4. Three Humans and an Android
  5. Alien and the Miner
  6. Survivor and the Android
  7. Scout Vessel and the Mining Vessel
  8. Soldier and the Miner
  9. Old Ship and the Scout Vessel
  10. Man and the Android
  11. Captain and the Processing Ship
  12. Crew and Their Ship
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