Volume 8 -Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 8:

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If you thought that Ralph Jones was finished with his retellings, you’d be wrong. With an infinite amount of ancient knowledge comes endless potential for storytelling. Quantum Awakening Volume 8 presents twelve more tales crafted by Ralph Jones. These stories are not to be missed, with takes that may force yourself to question your direction and choices. As the human thirst for knowledge continues, the white noise grows louder. It is time to cut out all the distractions that surround you, and focus on the search for your Quantum Awakening.

Tales included – Volume Eight Quantum Awakening

  1. Scavenger Ship and the Caravan of Ships
  2. Warrior and the Newcomer
  3. Dreadnought and the Scavengers
  4. Scientist and the Frozen Man
  5. The Sick Farmer
  6. Mining Ship and the Comets
  7. Androids and the Humans
  8. Spendthrift and Sun
  9. Magnate and the Scavenger Ships
  10. Genius and his Scientists
  11. Two Ships
  12. Farmer and the Golden Ideas
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