Volume 7 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 7:

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Some say the devil is in the detailsIgnore the seventh instalment of Quantum Awakening at your peril. Plunge into the depths of the human psyche, exploring what really makes us tick, and who we truly are. Join Ralph on the pathway to understanding through more short stories, each offering life lessons and unique new perspectives. Each uniquely crafted story offers a deep insight into the human experience, based on millennia-old knowledge. Let these tales serve as a reminder: don’t ever stop learning about yourself; don’t ever give up getting up.

Tales included – Volume Seven Quantum Awakening

  1. Vain Human and his Borrowed Skins
  2. Android and the Drone
  3. Scavenger Ship and the Captain
  4. Company and the People
  5. Scientists and the Hide
  6. Scientist, the Scavenger, and the Government
  7. Science Vessel and the Drones
  8. Android in the Warehouse
  9. Two Captains
  10. Racer and the Water
  11. The Old Barge
  12. Cyborg, the Android, and the Young Man
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