Volume 6 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 6:

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This volume focuses on a particularly human desire: the desire to survive. Imagine yourself swimming into the dark ocean against the tide…out in the cold, watery depths, your instincts kick in. Your only friend is hope, and your only hope is to keep swimming. These sensations are explored throughout Volume Six of Quantum Awakening. This part of the collection allows you to experience very human emotions through short stories and distinctive artworks. Allow the ancient tales within to serve as a star in the otherwise dark sky, and let it guide you safely back to dry land.

Tales included – Volume Six Quantum Awakening

  1. Pirate, the Vessel and the Hidden Ship
  2. Captain and the Cargo Ship
  3. Pirates in Humble Mode
  4. Fearful and the Vulnerable
  5. Monitors and their Hopes
  6. Cyborg and the Android
  7. The Athlete
  8. Generals and the Androids
  9. Pirate Ship and the Scavenger Vessel
  10. Dissidents and the Colonies
  11. Blue Ship and the Red Ship
  12. Cargo Vessel and the Scavenger Vessels
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