Volume 4 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 4:

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At this point in your journey, it is time to confront morality and what lays Beyond. Life, they say, is short—everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Volume four of Quantum Awakening gives you a chance to learn, grow and understand why. The quagmire of information bombarding your spirit can be soul destroying, and making sense of what it all means is impossible. However, ancient knowledge retold with a modern twist has the ability to offer new insight. These stories provide an opportunity to reflect, grow and learn, as you ponder life’s great mysteries.

Tales included – Volume Four Quantum Awakening

  1. Steward and the Instructions
  2. Scientist and the Soldier
  3. Team of Hackers
  4. Leader and the Stray
  5. Well Off and the Pilots
  6. Boy and the Hybrids
  7. Girl and the Kids
  8. Holograms and the Android
  9. Red Head and his Friend
  10. Captain and the Colony Vessel
  11. Androids who wished for a God
  12. Pirates and the Dreadnought
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