Volume 2 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 2:

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Continue your journey of self-discovery with the second volume in Ralph K. Jones’ Quantum Awakening series. Anticipate more stories featuring fantastical sci-fi adventures and explorations of human morality. In a world where distractions are stealing our energy we feel overwhelmed by information overload, we know in the depths of our souls that something is not right. This collection gives you the chance to check in with yourself and remember what it means to be You. Quantum Awakening is a voyage, empowering you with stories and knowledge designed to help you cut the chatter and, just for a moment, escape to an alternate universe.

Tales included – Volume Two Quantum Awakening

  1. Mechanic and the Pilot
  2. Scavenger
  3. Scientist and the Professor
  4. Stag and his Cloak
  5. Guard and the Newcomer
  6. Scout and the Pilot
  7. New and the Tested
  8. Hunter and the Newcomer
  9. Man In Android Clothing
  10. Jupiter and the Scientist
  11. Scavenger Ship and the Shipping Vessel
  12. Dr Shell and Dr Leap
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