Volume 12 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 12:

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Journeys are not just about the destination. Volume 12 is the last stop before you depart. The final installment of Quantum Awakening promises you an exciting sendoff—a final song, if you will. However, even after you turn the last page, the stories won’t go away. With a strong foundation in ancient fables, the wisdom of the messages you learn promise to remain a part of you. This volume features the last twelve stories of the collection. Each is a short but gripping tale that demonstrates the diversity of the human experience. The final song is only the beginning of the rest of Your Life.

Tales included – Volume Twelve Quantum Awakening

  1. Ship Builder, the Apprentice and the Ship
  2. Soldiers the Civilian and the Alien
  3. Sleek and the shoddy
  4. AutoMorrow and the Competition
  5. Three Pirate Vessel
  6. Commander’s Share
  7. Young and the Old
  8. Cunning over Power
  9. Pirates in Disguise as Mercenaries
  10. Cyborg and the Boy
  11. Scavenger Vessel with a Dreadnought Transponder
  12. Fighting Cyborgs and the Winged Hunter
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