Volume 11 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 11:

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Stop and ask yourself: are you the hunter, or the hunted? The eleventh instalment of Quantum Awakening deals with these questions, as well as many more truly human themes. The works of Ralph Jones promise to lead you down a pathway that ends with a better understanding of the world around you. With twelve short stories, you can be sure to find yourself fully immersed in a completely different world. Learn, experience, and prepare yourself to get the most from the journey that is your life.

Tales included – Volume Eleven Quantum Awakening

  1. Hunter and the Prey
  2. Two Scout Ships and a Pirate
  3. Cyborg and the Humans
  4. Chromed Ship and the Cargo Run
  5. Tourists and the Mud Pit
  6. Scientist and the Mailroom Boy
  7. Station, the Scout Ship and the Wulf
  8. Fighters and the Confession
  9. Stinger, Legion and the Judge
  10. Scavenger Vessels
  11. AIs and the Human Commander
  12. Rich-man and his Greed
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