Volume 10 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 10:

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A ball of rock spinning through space, sun, moon, stars… but all for what? Quantum Awakening Volume 10 gives you the chance to explore some universal truths and aims to help you get one step closer to finding the meaning of your personal journey. These tales will change you for the better, awakening your hope and igniting your passion. As a reader, you will learn to never settle for being ok. Read on, and stay hungry for more. Open your eyes, free your mind and awaken your quantum potentiality.

Tales included – Volume Ten Quantum Awakening

  1. Soldier and the Artifacts
  2. The Miser
  3. Free Man and the City Man
  4. Mining Ship and the Scout Ship
  5. Cyborg and his Enemies
  6. Obsessed Scientist
  7. Human without his Humanity
  8. Proud Warrior
  9. Soldier and the Dealer
  10. Pirates and the Scavengers
  11. Patrol Ship and the Laser Scratch
  12. Original Republic
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