Volume 1 – Quantum Awakening

Unforsaken Aesops Volume 01:

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Quantum Awakening—Unforsaken Aesops is the first anthology in Ralph K. Jones’ fantastic journey. His stories breathe new life into ancient fables, bringing Aesop’s works into the 21st century by viewing them through a sci-fi lens. These exciting retellings serve to put new relevance and a futuristic twist onto well-worn and already superb tales. Featuring twelve volumes, each containing twelve fantastic tales, Quantum Awakening takes you to the depths of space, telling tales of very human experiences, morals, and lessons through the eyes of androids, robots, aliens, spacemen and many more unique and diverse characters. In addition, each story is accompanied by uniquely crafted and designed artwork. Find your awakening taking what you will from this massive collection of adventures.

Tales included – Volume One Quantum Awakening

  1. Captain and the Alien
  2. Tracking of the Hunter Beast
  3. The Shabby Man and the Designer Man
  4. Professor and the Portal
  5. Soldier and the Farmer
  6. The Pirates and the Cargo Vessel
  7. Bartender and the Lieutenant
  8. Captain and the Plane Planet
  9. Mutant and the Scavenger
  10. The Tower and City
  11. Builder and the Boulders
  12. Two Soldiers
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