Quantum Awakening By Ralph k Jones

Quantum Awakening – Unforsaken Aesop’s:

In an era of misinformation, people get lost in the fray. A feeling of disconnect overwhelms them and changes what they believe about themselves and the world. Quantum Awakening is the beginning of Ralph K Jones journey what has become known as retellings, there are 12 volumes with each volume containing 12 fantastic stories delivering you to a moral message. Ralph started his adventures retelling ancient tales to his children through the sci-fi lens and having amassed a collection of over 600 re-told tales, and experiences he has decided to release them to the world for a shared experience.

Quantum Awakening takes you to the depths of space, with very human experiences, morals and lessons told through the eyes of androids, robots, aliens, space travellers and many more unique and diverse characters.   Find your awakening taking what you will from this massive collection of adventures. Whatsmore each story has a uniquely crafted and designed artwork but gives you a fabulous visual experience to join the cognitive one.

Life is like the ocean, and you have sometimes simply to stop fighting the tide, it will keep coming no matter what you do. Come for a short while to another world, and use the new knowledge to help you better understand the current world and all of its madness. The only thing you can control is yourself, wake up, and take the time to make the time to experience Ralph K Jones fantastical tales.

Through re-telling of ancient stories, Quantum Awakening puts relevance and a futuristic twist onto well worn and already superb tales, breathing life into them for another 2000 years. Aesop’s fables are a gift to all humanity, and paying homage to them while extending their lives are natural in this modern world/ Look around you, how quickly things change, now is the time to take control back, sit back, read and enjoy the experience, there really is a journey for everyone.

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