Volume 6 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction Volume 6: For so many people, the Panchatantra has been a source of deep, divine inspiration and the basis of Eastern religion. However, others around the world have never even heard the word “Panchatantra” at all. Let Quantum Attraction be your introduction to the ancient and fantastic wisdom of these wonderful tales. Whether you are seeking adventure, wisdom or knowledge, the collective wisdom of humanity is contained within these pages. By exploring the ancient lessons offered in Quantum Attraction – Unforsaken Panchatantra, we have the opportunity to revisit, relearn and further appreciate our role in this crazy universe we all share.

Tales included – Volume Six Quantum Attraction

  1. The mirror inside
  2. Never kill the scout
  3. Blinded by the chance
  4. To hide a trap
  5. Growing too comfortable
  6. On ones own terms.
  7. What you are good at
  8. Redundancies.
  9. All in it together
  10. The unforgiving vines
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