Volume 5 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction Volume 5: Living in this modern world, everything can seem so fast. Sometimes this is a blessing, but, more often than not, it becomes a curse. Things feel too fast. Take some time off. Take a breath. Spend some time focusing on nothing but your mind and what it needs to flourish. Sit back, and enjoy some classic storytelling. Through Ralph Jones’ unique science fiction and dystopian stylings, you are sure to find something that speaks to you. Through the twists and turns, follow the call of adventure into unknown and far off realms, and gaze into the truth that is startlingly familiar to us all.

Tales included – Volume Five Quantum Attraction

  1. The accidental weapon
  2. The unstoppable change
  3. The price of winning
  4. Those who made the easy choice
  5. Fools Protection.
  6. After the rebuild
  7. The son that came back
  8. Those you cannot save.
  9. Stay Silent
  10. Hard to ignore
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