Volume 4 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction Volume 4: In a world of phones, electronics and instant gratification you can often feel lost, alone in a crowd and out of place. Ralph K Jones goes back to basics with Quantum Attraction. His stories will take you on different adventures filled with diverse and wonderful characters—characters that individually, in some way, give back and provide experiences that will allow your imagination to run free. You are welcome to explore this fantastic new world. Take your time. Blaze your own trail with ten new opportunities to learn life lessons that will stay with you forever. This path is yours to travel down.

Tales included – Volume Four Quantum Attraction

  1. The right parts
  2. The opportunist
  3. Instinct versus innovation
  4. Outstaying their welcome
  5. Those who cannot fight
  6. A show of force
  7. Devoured from below
  8. Under the wing
  9. Dropped upon entry
  10. To spring the trap
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