Volume 3 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction Volume 3: To experience this earth and all its wonders is one thing, but to experience the mind and its infinite possibilities is another, Ralph K Jones offers you the opportunity to enjoy tales that have been crafted just for you. The words, once you read them, can stay with you forever if you so choose. Volume 3 of Quantum Attraction gives you ten more chances to accomplish this thrilling endeavour. Come along for the journey and read stories founded on ancient knowledge. Remember this moment: your journey is just beginning. Make today the first day of the rest of your life.

Tales included – Volume Three Quantum Attraction

  1. The keeper of the nebula
  2. Part of the whole
  3. The buried secret
  4. The door that cannot be opened
  5. The hierarchy of the invaders
  6. The words only he could see
  7. That which is beyond notice
  8. Learning from failures as well as successes
  9. Too good to be true
  10. Proof of concept
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