Volume 2 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction Volume 2: Some of the important lessons in our lives are ones that we learned at a very young age. Our parents, our families, and our teachers lectured to us and instilled countless values and morals. However, our journeys of morality do not end in childhood. In fact, they never end. Don’t let your growth stop. The universe is constantly expanding, and your mind can work in the same way. Exercise your mind with Volume 2 of this collection, and let your thoughts embark on the ride of a lifetime. Nothing is off-limits in the world that has become Quantum Attraction.

Tales included – Volume Two Quantum Attraction

  1. Preying on the weak
  2. The hidden shipment
  3. The shadows in the salvage
  4. The incoming fleet
  5. The titan machines
  6. The Colony ship
  7. Those who desire wisdom
  8. The war that changed the Earth
  9. The simple treasures
  10. The cunning robot
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