Volume 1 – Quantum Attraction

Unforsaken Panchatantra

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Quantum Attraction – Unforsaken Panchatantra: Stories have been used to relay warnings, advice, lessons and morals since the dawn of humanity. Quantum Attraction has drawn inspiration from the oldest collection of fables known to man: The Panchatantra. Introducing robots, aliens, and androids into these ancient Sanskrit tales, Ralph K. Jones brings centuries-old teachings into the modern world.  The tales unfold over six volumes, featuring a total of sixty intricate and rewarding stories that offer unique value and insight into the human experience. How you get there is what matters, and Quantum Attraction takes you on a journey taken will be remembered for many years to come.

Tales included – Volume One Quantum Attraction

  1. The fall from orbit
  2. The price of protection.
  3. The end of bias
  4. The showman
  5. The war predicted
  6. The Danger Below
  7. The reclaimed weapon
  8. The tiny rock and long cable
  9. To do what you are built for
  10. The salvage of one man
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