Quantum Attraction By Ralph k Jones

Quantum Attraction – Unforsaken Panchatantra:

Stories have been used to relay warnings, advice, lessons and morals since the dawn of humanity. Quantum Attraction has drawn inspiration from the oldest collection of fable known to man Panchatantra. Make no mistake; Ralph K Jones has completely retold the tales drawing from his science fiction obsession. Life long storytelling and bringing ancient teachings to the modern world are at the core of Ralph’s philosophy, what you get are stunning fresh tales inspired from the ancient past.

How you get there is what matters, and Quantum Attraction takes you on a journey taken will be remembered for many years to come. Sixty intricate succinct and rewarding stories, taking the tales beloved by Ralph and sharing the cream of the crop with the world. The tales unfold over 6 volumes, each offering unique value and insight into very human experience.

Some of life’s most important lessons we learned at a very young age. Our parents, our families, our teachers instilled values and morals but don’t let your growth stop, never stop growing your mind. Robots, androids, aliens, humans nothing is off limit in the world that has become Quantum Attraction. Come along for the journey, with unique never before seen artworks and stories founded on ancient knowledge you know your journey is just beginning, make today the first day of the rest of your life.

To experience this earth and all its wonders is one thing, but to experience the mind and its infinite possibilities is another, Ralph K Jones offers you the opportunity to enjoy tales crafted by him, but for you, the words, once you read them can stay with you forever if you so choose.

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