Perpetual War

A New War is About to Begin.

For Union space, the galaxy is a pretty good place to be—especially when they’re at the top. Stretched out across the galaxy, and pretty much-monopolizing trade and technology, the Union has grown comfortable in their rule and has let their guard down to rest on their laurels—maybe even a little too untroubled about potential threats. At least, that is until a war is started in the most unthinkable way—the destruction of the Solar Arcology building using a piece of technology that shouldn’t exist, let alone exist from one of the unlikeliest of sources: the Galdassians, a backwater people who have never shown much dabbling in technology. Or have they?   

Told from various perspectives, follow the different fronts of a galaxy-wide war from the eyes of Zadie the reporter, various political figures, wartime spies and the soldiers fighting at ground zero, themselves. The destruction of the Arcology and the ripple effect of the war touches all lives on all planets, and, no matter the outcome, will guarantee that nothing will ever be the same again.   

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