Perception Reality

The Dark Side of the Moon

“Humanity needs you. Such a grand statement, and so vague and non-committal.”

Rory is just one of countless crews of people working on the dangerous mines of Titan, deep under the surface of the moon for the Regime—a government that is all encompassing and all powerful, and as equally as mysterious. By his recollection, he’s lived on the moon for over two years—but really, Rory doesn’t know how long he’s been there, why he was placed there, and if his name is really his birth name. He doesn’t know anything except for his job, and he’s been content working all day in the dangerous mines, coming back to hang around in the base to eat, get drunk and high, and party to his heart’s content.

Then do it all again the next day.

At least, until Rory starts to come down with Moon Mind, an affliction that is caused by missing out on his medication, given to all crew members to help them handle the stresses of the job. At least, that’s what they all thought. Rory’s Moon Mind starts with nightmares, but then it progressively gets worse. He starts to notice things about his crew and base that he’d never notice before, his easy-going world is starting to crumble as the facts stack up. When he gets to know too much, he’s placed with a group of like-minded Moon Minders. None are content with their lot, just like Rory, and all want to find a way to get back to a world they know exists somewhere out in the universe. But doing that involves getting past the Regime.  How can they trick something that is all-knowing? How can they escape from something that strikes fear into their hearts like a god?

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