Volume 1 – Gravitational Momentum

Gravitational Momentum—Unforsaken Originals: You’ve followed along on countless retellings stemming from ancient sources; it is finally time for some Unforsaken Originals. Ralph K. Jones draws from real-world observations to tell some folk tales of his own. These wonderful short stories, ten different tales, are set to become the legends of the future. You’ll be taken along on a hell of a ride, exploring real-world problems and concerns told through the eyes of futuristic humanoids and much more. Come along for the ride strap, in and enjoy. It’s your time, build the world you want to live in, accept nothing and questions everything.

Tales Included –  Gravitational Momentum

  1. Diversity Is Peace, Unity Is Strength. 
  2. Equality Is Not Always Equal.
  3. First Contact Last Contact.    
  4. Reality Is Relative.     
  5. The Dogs Of War.      
  6. Devil Is In The Details.           
  7. The Bonds That Unite Us.      
  8. Space Union Knows Best.      
  9. Wake Up, No Really Wake Up.          
  10. Once In A Blue Moon.
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Gravitational Momentum Volume

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