Gravitational Momentum BY Ralph K Jones

Gravitational Momentum – Unforsaken Originals

Ralph K Jones draws from real-world observation’s and tells some folk tales of his own, the world around us may be confusing, but stories and fiction help us better understand and challenge to status quo. Gravitational Momentum explores though wonderful short stories ten different tales that are set to become future legends. Maybe the augmented humans vs the non augmented humans, alien invasions and a host of other alternative universe distant future tales but dealing with in roundabout and fun ways real-world problems and concerns.

Gravitational Momentum brings you along on a hell of a ride; you get ten brand new adventures taken from potential real-world scenarios and told through exciting science fiction stories. Your time will be well spent and these tales are guaranteed to make you think and reflect on the world around you. If you believe we live in a virtual prison, or we are free, does not matter as both are correct, change your perception, change your reality.

Set your mind free and explore these incredible and challenging concepts, mindbending but fun and sometimes frustrating tales. Why frustrating? Ralph hold nothing back when confronting real issues through his off-world adventures, so come along for the ride strap in and enjoy, it’s your time, build the world you want to live in, accept nothing and questions everything.

 Gravitational Momentum brings you the best of modern world nuances and makes you think with out of this world presentation.

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