Volume 2 – Genetic Inheritance

Genetic Inheritance – Volume 2

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Genetic Inheritance Volume 2: The second volume of Genetic Inheritancefeatures eight tales of adventure, strife and moral lessons. However, it’s so much more than that. These stories allow you to travel time by bringing age-old human experiences back into the fold. These stories are a retelling of the most intriguing myths, invigorated with a twist aimed at showing how they may apply to your experience. Reading each will open your eyes to your current situation or anything that you’ve been through and will give you a reason to reevaluate. The art of storytelling has not been lost…it’s just been hiding very well. Welcome back. Welcome to Genetic Inheritance.

Tales included – Volume Two Genetic Inheritance

  1. Projection.
  2. The Scenario
  3. With little in hand.
  4. The Trader of Secrets.
  5. Hel.
  6. Twin worlds.
  7. Price of success.
  8. The fastest ever.
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