Volume 1 – Genetic Inheritance

Genetic Inheritance – Unforsaken Greek Mythology. Ralph K Jones has travelled on thousands of adventures using nothing more than his imagination; it’s now time for you to share the journey. These two beautifully-crafted volumes contain a total of fifteen science fiction stories, each of which find their roots in ancient Greek mythology.  Genetic Inheritance aims to help you see how stories about deities, nature, spiritual practices, heroes, foes, gods and human woes relate to events that happen in our lives in modern times. These ancient myths may provide some insight into your belief system, your values, your perception of hierarchies. Retelling these ancient tales for the next generation and many generations to come, Ralph hopes that messages from the old world won’t be lost. 

Tales included – Volume One Genetic Inheritance

  1. The paradise to those with nothing left.
  2. Racing the storm.
  3. The chances of failure.
  4. A job half done.
  5. In the valley of the queen.
  6. Haven in the hills.
  7. Beyond Haven.
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