Genetic Inheritance By Ralph k Jones

Genetic Inheritance – Unforsaken Greek Mythology:

Genetic Inheritance offers 15 stories in total over two beautifully crafted volumes. These short science fiction stories find their roots based in ancient Greek mythology. Ralph has choosen to share his 15 greatest tales and aventures based far into the future but inspired from long ago intoi the past.

Ralph K Jones for years has travelled on 1000s of adventures using nothing more than his imagination; it’s now time for you to share the journey. Each tale is composed to ensure the user gets a self-contained experience while thought his works the avid fans will not interlocking themes, ideas, characters and concepts, thus empowering the reader with both individual tales while increasing the depth though interconnectivity.

Retelling these ancient tales for the next generation and many generations to come, Ralph hopes that messages from the old world won’t be lost. Genetic Inheritance looks like 15tales of adventure,strife and moral lessons. However, it’s much more than that, travelling time by bringing age-old human experiences back into the fold.

Genetic Inheritance is a must as part of your collection for Ralph’s short tales, no matter the situation, on a train, airport, waiting for an interview, you will find a story that quick, easy enjoyable and will feel like is crafted just for you. The art of storytelling has not been lost just hiding very well, welcome back, no find a comfortable spot, relax and enjoy the journey into a world that you create. Genetic Inheritance is a retelling of these most intriguing stories but with a twist aimed at showing how they may apply to your experience. Reading each will open your eyes to your current situation or anything that you’ve been through and will give you a reason to reevaluate.

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