Volume 1 – Fundamental Matter

Fundamental Matter – Unforsaken Chinese Ancients. Ancient Chinese fables have entertained audiences for centuries; the stories of strong warriors, fearless souls, and people who seem to have come from nothing triumph over evil or fight against all odds for what they believe to be true still resonate with audiences today. Fundamental Matter makes no apologies in drawing its inspiration from these folktales and re-telling them through a modern and futuristic approach. Science fiction has always pushed boundaries and challenges belief systems both right and wrong; Ralph’s fictional works hope to inspire, educate and dare to dream. Discover something new about yourself as you enjoy these ancient retellings.

Tales included – Volume One Fundamental Matter

  1. Is this a game?
  2. The wrong target.
  3. The eyes from the darkness.
  4. What you can spare.
  5. The safe way across.
  6. Better than the computer.
  7. To close to real.
  8. The first team.
  9. Tree to tree.
  10. In your body or in your head.
  11. The cycle renewed.


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Fundamental Matter Volume