Fundamental Matter By Ralph K Jones

Fundamental Matter – Unforsaken Chinese Ancients

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Ever stop and think, what is it all about? Don’t worry; you are not alone; humans have since the dawn of time been asking the same questions, stories that are thousands of years old still hold relevance in today’s world. Fundamental Matter makes no apologies in drawing its inspiration from the ancient Chinese folk tales and re-telling them through a modern and futuristic approach. Science fiction has always pushed boundaries and challenges belief systems both right and wrong; Ralph’s fictional works hope to inspire, educate and dare to dream.

Core human experience includes being born, living and dying, great, but what about all that good stuff that comes in between, the dance, the song, the music the stories, with Ralph K Jones short story collection it is, without doubt, you will find tales that feel like is written just for you. By acknowledging our past, our ancestors and our shared humanity Fundamental Matter tells stories the way they are supposed to be, giving you the tools to take the message you need, without spoon-feeding the reader.

Fundamental Matter contains 11 stories and cleverly intertwines the narratives while not detracting from each story individually, tales of adventure, bravery and tough choices, inspired by universal concepts and truths. In an era of instant gratification, high speed living and never stopping to think, reading allows you to build your world, put callous in mind from all the distractions and explore what you want from your precious time on earth.

Looking at them more in-depth, with a little help from creative retellings, you may discover your path to success, whatever that means to you. If you’re in the middle of a relationship crisis, the lessons in these tales may help you see things in a new light or could encourage you to keep fighting. Discover something new about yourself as you enjoy these ancient adventures retold throughout this world experiences.

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