Ethical Displacement

Unforsaken Morality 

Ethical Displacement—Unforsaken Morality: The study of ethics has been a part of our lives since the dawn of human civilization. Ethical Displacementexplores ten very social-ethical problems through science fiction. These problems are ones that we face today, or will encounter shortly, and the choices faced will have enormous ramifications for the individual or wider society. Ralph has crafted each short story to be enjoyed individually and offer massive talking points both internally and with your peers. Ethical Displacement is not for one minute about judgement; it’s about the experience, morality and choices that are part of our lives. Grab your copy and join the debate; it will all determine how you sleep at night.

Tales Included – Ethical Displacement

  1. Goats And Gulls.        
  2. A Second Chance.      
  3. Things That Once Seemed So Important.      
  4. Interconnectivity.       
  5. Unseen Weakness.    
  6. The Grove       
  7. Numbering The Puzzle.          
  8. Weakness In Numbers.          
  9. Their World Now.
  10. The cost of the trip.