Ethical Displacement By Ralph K Jones

Ethical Displacement –  Unforsaken  Morality

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Ethical Displacement -  Unforsaken  Morality Ralph K Jones Short StoriesModern world and ethics go hand and hand, in fact, since the dawn of human civilisation ethics has played a role, sometimes for the best, and sometimes the worst. Ethical Displacement explores ten very social ethical problems through science fiction, the choices faced will have enormous ramifications for the individual or wider society. Morality is something that you must choose, learn and nurture for it is your own.

Ralph K Jones explores in his fantastical way ethical problems we face today or will encounter shortly. Each short story crafted to be enjoyed individually and offer massive talking points both internally and with your peers. Many times choices people are faced with lead to only adverse outcomes, and which is the less bad. Ethical Displacement’s ten scenarios are set to twist your mind and a moral compass really getting the cogs working, what choice would you make, if only bad decisions?

Sometimes people may feel they are righteous, true. However, we all need to be aware that our environments play an immense roll in the way we act and treat each other. When faced with real adversity, some who thought would be brave cower away, while others step up and make choices they did not feel previously capable of making.  Ethical Displacement is not for one minute about judgement, it’s about the experience, and morality and choices, right or wrong are personal, living with the choices you make is very real.

Grab your copy and join the debate, its all comes down to how you sleep at night.
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