Volume 6 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles Volume 6

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These stories are inspired by the most ancient of tales. They are already written. The truth in this is that you cannot alter the past. All we have is the future. Although we have dystopia, war, and suffering, we also have technology and innovation and the ability to explore the galaxy. Let Anthropic Principles show you what was, what will be, and what is possible. There is a world of adventure waiting to open up to you. The final volume in this collection is one last shout into the void—a transmission that tells us that the universe is full of infinite possibilities.

Tales included – Volume Six Anthropic Principles

  1. Long Journey
  2. Made to serve
  3. Coding error
  4. Rare in the stars
  5. Proof of others
  6. In times of need
  7. Home fallen

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