Volume 5 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles Volume 5

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Be ready to take a big breath and jump into Anthropic Principles. A life-changing experience awaits you. Volume 5 contains seven stories that are full of characters who live life to the fullest. Let their trials and tribulations inspire you to do the same. Are you happy with the way your life is playing out? If not, you have the ability to rewrite your story. You are both an ancient being and a futuristic creature. All of humanity is connected. All of us are sharing this lifetime together. Make today the one that counts; all you have is now.

Tales included – Volume Five Anthropic Principles

  1. Risen from weakness
  2. Awakened
  3. Challenges ahead
  4. Forged from adversity
  5. Offerings
  6. Anticipating Demand
  7. The largest mine

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