Volume 4 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles Volume 4: No matter your religion, the Bible has the potential to serve as a source of wisdom. Humans have used the parables within to guide their lives since the beginning of time. Bible stories speak to universal concepts such as peace, love, respect, and unity—notions which, unfortunately, are difficult to find in this modern and disturbing world. Let us return to a time in which these virtues were all we had. Let these stories guide you, and remind you that you are not alone. Your burdens are shared by the whole of humanity. Believe in yourself, and have hope that we can someday change the world for the better.

Tales included – Volume Four Anthropic Principles

  1. Nothing to lose
  2. Fight for something with nothing
  3. Enemy of my enemies
  4. The mystery box
  5. Protecting infinity
  6. Lost Deep
  7. To covet power
  8. Rise again

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