Volume 3 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles Volume 3

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This next volume of Anthropic Principles brings distant worlds and universes to life. Just imagine them for a minute…close your eyes…if we can think of them together, then somewhere out there, they are real. In a universe of infinite possibilities, they might very well be. Once you begin to entertain these possibilities, you will realize that you are already on your journey of Enlightenment. Join Ralph and walk together, enjoying and sharing the yarns you love, and take from them what you can. It’s your knowledge. Take it with you, and do with it whatever you want. Endless potential awaits you.

Tales included – Volume Three Anthropic Principles

  1. Commodities
  2. Those in power
  3. Climbing the ladder
  4. Rising Value
  5. Infiltration
  6. Replacement
  7. Inciting Change
  8. Lowest denominator


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