Volume 2 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles Volume 2

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Eight new stories await you in Volume 2 of Anthropic Principles. These stories from the past feature adventures take place far into the future and are written for today’s audiences. You’ll find that these Biblical tales feature core messages that have remained the same throughout time. Core social experiences have not changed. We have always had the power to do great evil, follow unhealthy and unhelpful trends, and allow ourselves to be brainwashed by the machine. However, we also have the choice to do good, love, learn and share positivity making a difference to other lives. Let these tales embolden you to make the choice you know to be right.

Tales included – Volume Two Anthropic Principles

  1. The Drone
  2. From the crater
  3. Interloper
  4. Returning home
  5. The fall
  6. The message
  7. Arriving from above
  8. One sided

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