Volume 1 – Anthropic Principles

Anthropic Principles –Volume 1

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 The works in this collection have been inspired by some of the greatest stories ever told: none other than parables from the Bible. While some fables may have aged in material terms, these messages have remained consistent throughout the ages.Author Ralph K. Jones launches these adventures far into the future, using sci-fi storytelling and a hint of dystopia to offer a distinct perspective on ancient yet still relevant human experiences. Anthropic Principles offers a collection of parable retellings that will inspire you to reassess your personal story and rethink how your conscience, what you feel deep inside, works in tandem (or not) with the universe. Understanding your place in the world can feel like a daunting premise, but when given relatable examples and lessons to help you make sense of who you are and how your existence relates to the universe, you’ll gain a whole new perspective.

Tales included – Volume One Anthropic Principles

  1. Implied credentials
  2. Adapted to suit
  3. Lost paradise
  4. Mysteries in space
  5. Faults in the machines
  6. Edge of known
  7. Outrun
  8. Worldly details

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