Anthropic Principles By Ralph k Jones

Anthropic Principles – Unforsaken Parables:

None other than the Bible parables have inspired Ralph K Jones collection of short stories Anthropic Principles. Adventures that take place far into the future and made for today’s audience the core messages remains the same.  Peace, love, respect and unity often lost in the modern and disturbing world. Core social experiences have not changed; we have the power to do great evil, follow unhealthy and unhelpful trends, allow ourselves to be brainwashed by the machine. We also have the choice to do good, love, learn and share positivity making a difference to other lives. 

Anthropic Principles bring distant worlds and universes to life, just imagine for a minute if we can think it then somewhere it’s real. Well in a universe of infinite possibilities then just maybe it is.  Join Ralph and walk together, enjoying and sharing the yarns you love, and take from them what you can, it’s your knowledge. Furthermore, each story has a unique drawing, using styling that’s timeless, thus providing visual as well as mental experiences in this alternate world of infinite possibilities.

Be ready to take a big breath and jump into Anthropic Principles,  crafted science fiction with a hint of dystopia sprinkled in offer distinctive perspective on ancient yet still relevant human experiences. While some fables may age in material terms, the messages remain consistent throughout the ages. Understanding your place in the world can feel like a daunting premise, but when given relatable examples and lessons to help you make sense of who you are and how your existence relates to the universe, you’ll gain a whole new perspective.

Make today the one that count’s, you cannot control the past; the future is not yet written; all you have is now.

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